Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I enter a quilt made from a pattern?

Yes, you can use a free or purchased pattern. Remember to mention it in the write up that accompanies your quilt entry.  If the quilt was inspired by a photo or an art work, please do give due attribution.​

  • How many quilts can I submit?

You can submit up to 2 quilts for each category for competition, i.e. maximum of 10 quilts per participant.

  • Can more than one person collaborate to make a quilt?

​Yes, you can make a joint entry.Any number of people can collaborate to make a quilt.The entry form must contain the names of all collaborators and mention their contribution. It will be considered as one entry. How the prize is shared between the collaborators is up to them.


  • Does my quilt qualify if it is professionally longarmed?

​Yes it qualifies, you need to specify in the quilt form.

  • Who are the longarmers whom I can reach out to for my Quilt?

Here are some the Longarmers recommended by us:

  1. Chennai- Tina Katwal, The Square Inch, 

  2. Coimbatore- Chandrasekar B, Prathishta Weaving & Knitting Co Ltd.,

  3. Pune- Kalindi Sandeep Hambir, Kalindi Quilts,

  4. Bangalore- Vatsala Kamat, Tsala Studio,


You can read more about them here.

  • Does the size have to be perfect?

The Theme quilts have to adhere strictly to the specified sizes. For the remaining categories, as long as no side is smaller than 2 feet or bigger than 9 feet, all sizes in between are fine.


  • Can I add buttons or embellishments to my quilt?

Yes, embellishments can be added.

  • Can I make a series of 2 (or more) quilts which hang like panels and together make 1 entry?If so, how does it fit into the size requirement?

Yes, your entry can be a panel of more than 2 pieces – when hanged, the combination should comply with the size requirements.

  • When should I register and what is the procedure to enter my quilt?

Registration opens on 1st September 2018, and all details will be updated on the website.

  • Should I be there in person or can I just send my quilt for the show?

We would love for you to visit the Show in person. However, it is perfectly fine if you send us your quilt(s) by the specified date. The same will be sent back to you after the show.

  • Is there an entry fee and why is that charged?

Yes, there will be a nominal entry fee to cover handling, proper display of the quilt, printed display of quilt details, local insurance and an entry in the souvenir that will be printed during the India Quilt Festival 2019. Details will be posted along with the entry form on the website on 1st September 2018.

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