IQF 2019 Quilt Show Competition Winners
Excellence Award
The inspiration for this quilt came from my love of blue and white antique china and pottery.- Marline
Best of Show
INSPIRATION- Chitra Mandanna(Ind)
This is a portrait of my maternal uncle who kindled my interest in sewing at a very young age. I still remember as a little girl, replicating the corduroy vests and denim sling bags that he used stitch as a hobby.
Layers of cheesecloth have been used to create different tones in the portrait. Since I enjoy up-cycling materials, I used the "up-cycled style" as a theme. I made his apparel and cap in the portrait with used jeans and a t-shirt.
Best Hand Quilting
BASKETS OF FLOWERS- Vatsala Kamat(Ind)
Saw a similar pattern at Jenny's Quilt Shop in Singapore. Jenny, my teacher helped to design the quilt on paper and I have hand pieced hundreds of hexies to create this beauty.
Best Machine Quilting
GENESIS- Brinda Shrikant(Ind)
This piece is my first attempt at designing a wholecloth quilt; hence the name Genesis to mark my foray into the territory of wholecloth quilting. A wholecloth quilt is appealing as it presents an opportunity to explore open spaces that hold the potential to design and create an individual and personal expression. I indulged in crafting feathers and fillers to display a sense of movement and free motion that captures the wonders of wholecloth quilts.
Traditional Quilts- 1st Prize
DEAR HANNAH- Yan Liu(Canada)
I spent many hours on drafting, designing and making this traditional quilt for my future daughter in-law, Hannah, as a wedding gift. I first drew each square on A4 paper and then put them under the sewing machine.
Traditional Quilts- 2nd Prize
AROUND THE WORLD IN 365 DAYS- Jyoti Ahuja(Ind)
When I first came across the 365 Challenge by Kathryn Kerr, I decided to take this challenge upon myself as a learning opportunity and started this on January 1st of 2018. Selecting fabric for this quilt was a big challenge as it required parallel coordination between several contrasting light and dark colours respectively. While I was going through this challenge, I came across this quilt show, and decided to complete this a month early.
Traditional Quilts- 3rd Prize
BALI WEDDING STAR- Sunitha Santharam(Ind)
Quilt pattern by Ms Bradley & Judee Niemeyer. It is a foundation paper piecing technique. Quilting design by Patricia Hechler.
Traditional Quilts-Honorable Mention
This quilt, hand- pieced with an English Paper Piecing technique, has been one of my most rewarding projects, and is inspired by the Passacaglia style by designer Willyne Hammerstein. My colour palette and the decision to use all Indian fabrics was inspired by north India. I was drawn particularly to the fine marble inlay work seen in the historic architecture of North India including Taj Mahal and also the pastel hues of the valleys and crystalline rivers.
Modern Quilts- 1st Prize
MATRIX- Yan Liu(Canada)
Both my husband and I were trained as engineers and scientists in geology and oil and gas industry. Inspired by some quilts' images on the internet, the various straight line shapes caught my eyes and brains. Hence I drew 96 squares with sorts of shapes on paper before foundation paper piecing them onto fabrics. So much fun but lots of details and precision. Love this contemporary/modern art work I've done.
Modern Quilts- 2nd Prize
BLUSHING #2 - QUO VADIS?- Birgit Schueller(Germany)
This is the second quilt in my "Blushing" series. I love the gradation from light peach to dark burgundy against the gray background. "Quo Vadis?" is an expression of my mixed emotions regarding what has been happening in the world lately and about what the future may bring - or not! While the colors are cheerful, I was intrigued by the idea of a very geometric and rather minimalistic piecing approach.
Modern Quilts- 3rd Prize
MUTAI PINK- Kamala Murali(Ind)
The Mutai Pink Quilt is pieced using found fabrics in silk interspersed with cotton in a colourful palette of fuschia, blush pink and sea green. It was pieced in an improvisational manner, with colour taking center stage in the overall design. The quilted lines give it a ribbed effect, enhancing the stripe-patterned fabrics and adding a finished aesthetic to the textile. As a textile designer, I primarily use surplus and waste fabrics.
Modern Quilts- Honorable Mention
For another project, I used up one roll of fabric strips. Well, almost! All that remained were about a handful of rather small scraps, which were lying around in my cutting area, randomly mixed with the cuttings left from squaring up yet another quilt. I walked by this setting several times each day and all of a sudden it struck me that this exact combination would make for a fun, improvisational little quilt!
Art Quilts- 1st Prize
- Lalitha Rajan & Mary Eby Mathew (Prabha) (Ind)
This quilt is a tribute to the countless unseen and marginalised women of this country who, for the better part of their lives, toil day and night to support their families but yet are not treated as equals in the family and social hierarchy.
It’s a small effort on our part to depict the life of a rural Indian woman who faces innumerable hardships during the course of her lifetime.
Art Quilts- 2nd Prize
HOLE CLOTH- Birgit Schueller (Germany)
Normally, holes in a quilt are an indicator for rough usage or poor care. Here, however, they are a design element and are supposed to add a new and exciting aspect. Apart form the holes, I was fascinated by the idea to extend the piecing pattern into the quilting and to discover how it filled the background almost naturally.
Art Quilts- 3rd Prize
GOLD LADY- Yan Liu(Canada)
I went to Vienna, Austria recently and was fascinated by Gustav Klimt's painting Gold Lady. Then I traced his painting from the photo I took in Vienna and enlarged it for an appliqué project. I used different shiny Indian raw silk in this work; and fusible web and transparent thread for the appliqué. Intensive free motion needle painting for the quilting. Awesome experience!! Will do it again!
Art Quilts- Honorable Mention
Providing quilt with watercolour effects with the help of sheer fabric.
Novice Quilts- 1st Prize
THE GAZE AND GRACE OF SAI- Archana Thorat(Ind)
I was an Engineer dealing with scraps everyday, working with Electrical and emotional scraps fulltime and buying some fabric ones on Saturdays. On Sundays, there was the mesmerizing wormhole of Quilting Videos on Youtube. This was where it started. I became increasingly interested in all of it. I discovered great local artists and spent weeks attending workshops learning technique and ˜how-to” of creating an art quilt.
Novice Quilts- 2nd Prize
It is a bargello quilt made with rainbow coloured jelly roll and adding white fabric in between to highlight each colour.Bordered with black and white to make it,like click out of camera.Heart shaped meandering quilting done by my dear friend Ashwini Shanbhag. We are in love with “Colours of Quilting”.
Novice Quilts- 3rd Prize
SWEET TREATS- Ritu Sudharshan (Ind)
I am 10 years old and I love to bake. I have been baking on my own for the last 2 years. When it was time to make my first quilt, I chose some "Sweet Treats". I learnt to do raw-edge applique for this project. On my first applique block, I wasn't very confident doing the detailed curvy shapes. But, by the end of this quilt, my skill level improved a lot.
Theme Quilts- 1st Prize
VIBGYOR- Chitra Mandanna(Ind)
Even the Gods adore them! From Sri Krishna to lord Muruga, the peacock with his beauty and his dance has enthralled all. A rainbow itself has to take a bow in front of the peacock’s stunning colours!
In this quilt I have tried with my limited human ability to capture the colours and beauty of this nature’s wonder. The perfection in his head and neck, the colours of his feathers and his dance are all shown separately to try and depict his beauty.
Theme Quilts- 2nd Prize
Intriguing and mesmerising : I wanted to transfer the vision, feeling and sense of movement / fluttering of a peacock's dance to fabric.
Theme Quilts- 3rd Prize
EXUBERANCE- Bamini Arvind (Ind)
"The brilliant long-bills in their vivid dress
The peacock scattering on the breeze his moons
Painted my memory like a frescoed wall."
- Sri Aurobindo- Savitri- Book Four,Canto III
The kaleidoscope block lends itself to enormous design possibilities creating curves from straight lines, and can be used to convey ripples, movement, dance and joy of the peacock. It was a joyous challenge for me to play around with the colours and motifs with some nudging from Tina.
Theme Quilts- Honorable Mention
DANCE OF THE PEACOCK- Chitra Mandanna(Ind)
If pixie dust and fairy wings
Vivid colours and shiny things
Descended they on to this realm
What would it be...Oh! What would it be?
Graceful moves and spread of cheer
Among fragrant flowers in a sparkly drizzle
What would it be..Oh! What would it be?
This is a quilt with confetti work done on a painted background. In certain areas the FMQ is done with contrast coloured threads in the bobbin and with increased thread tension to create a shaded effect.
Judge's Choice
QUIRKY- Madhura(Ind)
I was quite taken by the minimalism and high contrast of the image, and I knew it would be challenging to get the same impact with fabric and quilting, but 'as no rule, is the only rule in modern quilt art' , I said why not go 'Quirky'.The matchstick quilting helped me to achieve the impact I wanted. Those wings are the outcome of quilting lines with blue-gray threads. Loved and enjoyed my process of making this modern quilt.
Judge's Choice
ANIMAL WHISPERER- Chitra Mandanna(Ind)
Compassion is a trait found in many kids these days. It becomes our responsibility as adults to nurture this compassion to build a more compassionate world.Here is my two year old daughter 'Isha' at her grandma's place in Coorg interacting with a cow. I was candidly watching the scene as Isha sat with the cow talking to her and giving her bananas. The cow was also responding in her own gentle way.
Judge's Choice
LIFE' S SANGRIA- Rainy Khurana Sarna(Ind)
This piece is an ode to Life's bitter sweet moments that keep us youthful and hopeful of what lies ahead. Just like a Sangria drink that embodies different flavours, colours and punch ,it is the varied experiences, explorations and emotions that makes a life more enriching and interesting. The artwork thus uses different textures and coloured gradation to represent these elements.
Viewers' Choice
ANIMAL WHISPERER- Chitra Mandanna(Ind)
Here is my two year old daughter 'Isha' at her grandma's place in Coorg interacting with a cow. I was candidly watching the scene as Isha sat with the cow talking to her and giving her bananas. The cow was also responding in her own gentle way. It seemed as though the two of them were transported to some magical world of their own. In this collage quilt, I have used my favourite fabrics which I had collected over years, to recreate this magical world.
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Traditional Quilts- 1st Prize

DEAR HANNAH- Yan Liu(Canada) I spent many hours on drafting, designing and making this traditional quilt for my future daughter in-law, Hannah, as a wedding gift. I first drew each square on A4 paper and then put them under the sewing machine.