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Sundaram Home finance ( www.sundaramhome.in ) is a AAA rated housing finance company. Also authorized to accept fixed deposits from the public, the company operates in 115 locations pan India.

Our Expertise:

· Better understanding of customer needs

The flexible suite of products enables customization around customers’ needs.

· Emphasis on turnaround time

The company has a reputation for spot sanctions and swift turnaround of loan proposals.

· In-house legal and technical team

Our branches have an in-house legal and technical team to assist the customer during the loan process. This provides peace of mind to the customers and facilitates a positive experience overall by virtue of the one-stop solution saving our customers’ precious time.

· No ambiguity in the terms and conditions of loan products

The company was one of the industry pioneers in documenting the most important terms and conditions “to clarify the customer’s and the company’s rights and obligations, costs and all the fees involved in taking a home loan.”

· Customer friendly approach

Our sales team work 24/7/365 to ensure that customer expectations are consistently exceeded.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Loans for purchase of new flats/resale flats and individual house and construction of independent homes

  • Take-over of existing home loans with other Banks/NBFC

  • Top up loans

  • Home improvement loans

  • Home extension loans

  • Plot Loans

The earliest known quilted garment dates back to 3400 BC. There is evidence that the tradition existed during the Indus valley civilization. India had a strong native quilting tradition. Two primary forms of quilting Nakshi Kantha and Ralli originated in India over 500 years ago. Generations of families in India have made quilts from old sarees and dhoties for the winter. In recent times along with utility value, it is becoming popular as an art form.

The Sundaram Finance group is grounded in traditional values and committed to preservation and enhancement of Indian culture and traditional art forms.

Sundaram Home Finance believes that Quilting is a traditional art form which needs to be preserved, showcased and promoted.

The company supports Quilt India Foundation and India International Quilt Festival where artisans and experts from India and overseas come together to promote this art form. The general public will also be able to see antique and modern quilts on exhibition. We wish the organisers of India International Quilt Festival 2021 all success in their endeavours.

For more information about Sundaram Home Finance and the products that we offer, kindly get in touch with us at :

1800 419 7722


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