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I have been feeling so bad that I will not be able to attend the first ever India Quilt Festival. So many of you have sent in your quilts, nearly three hundred entries! But so many of us couldn't. Perhaps we didn't have the time, or perhaps we didn't feel confident enough. And being there...seeing all those beautiful quilts, meeting and learning from some of the best quilter-teachers in the world! Wow, that would be a dream come true for so many of us. Would we not love to participate in some way, however small?

So when Tina asked me if I would like to do something for the festival--so that all of us sitting at home could be part of the show--I said yes immediately. She had something in mind (let that be a secret for now) but for that I needed to design a peacock feather, easy enough for even a beginner quilter to put together with fabric scraps. We would be making our very own peacock feathers, using my pattern, and sending them to Chennai for Tina's secret project...Sounded like an exciting idea!

I designed the feather on the Bamboo Paper App on my iPad—that was in September, just before I left to visit my son.

Designed on Bamboo Pad!

I decided last week, finally, to start working on the feather, but…I have no quilting supplies here! Thankfully, I did carry with me the fabric that I would be using for the feather. And, I have converted the sketch to a PDF file. So let us see how we can convert this to a quilted object. I thought a quilt along would be a good idea so that we could help each other if we got stuck.

Would you like to quilt along with me? Then, first, let us get everything we need together. I presume you have Acrobat Reader (downloadable free online) on your computer, access to a colour printer to print out the pattern, and of course, a sewing machine with a walking foot or a free-motion quilting foot. (If not, you would need a willingness to hand quilt!)

Today, we get our fabric together and print out the pattern. The fabric requirements are for  a 7" feather. I plan to add patterns for a larger and smaller feather, if this works out okay.

Materials Needed:

For Background

Black (or any other dark coloured) fabric: 8” x 10” piece

For Feather

Blue-green fabric for the main body of the feather: 6” x 8” piece

Light green fabric: 4” square

Gold/ Mustard yellow fabric: 3” square

Sky blue fabric: 2” square

Dark blue fabric: 1.5” scrap

For Backing

Light blue/ light green (I have used white)

Batting: 8” x 10” piece. You could possibly use any thick fabric or a piece of flannel instead. That should help in making the feather stiff (and will be easy to work on even if you don't have a walking foot for your sewing machine.) I do not have any of these, so my feather will be not be a true sandwich.

Machine Sewing Thread: Black/ blue/ green/ mustard to contrast with your background fabric. I am using a royal blue thread because…you guessed right…that is the only thread I have here!

Stabilizer–any light fusible of your choice, if you have it at hand. I don’t have any, so...

Here is a picture of my fabrics! Aren’t they delicious?

The feather fabric is hand-dyed by and a gift from Sobana Sundar, our very own Desi Quilter. The green, yellow and dark blue are Fossil Fern by Benartex, a gift from another DQ, Chumkie Mukherjea!

The other thing I am going to do today, is print out the pattern.

Important: The pattern will print in landscape mode, so make the necessary adjustments to your printer settings. Use A4 size paper and print true to size or at 100 percent. Do not adjust image to paper size

I have my pattern printed. You can see that the pattern is in two pages and that the outline is a mirror image of the coloured feather.

Now that this is done, I am going to take a well-deserved break and will be back in a couple of days to work on it!

Meanwhile, why don’t you share on the IQF Facebook page what fabrics you have chosen for your feather?

For the PDF file of the pattern, head to my blog, following this link!

- Madhu Mathur

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