Frequently Asked Questions
  • When is IIQF 2021 scheduled?

IIQF 2021 is as scheduled from 23 Jan to 25 Jan 2021.

  • Learning at IIQF 2021

  • Are the learning sessions online?

Yes. The learning sessions are online. You can check the session format here.

  • How can I register for a learning session?

You can register online here.

  • I would like to register for the sessions on traditional Indian Quilting. Will the instructions be in English?

Yes. In case of content from artisans who come from a long lineage of traditonal craft making, there will be voiceovers and captions in English to aid you.

  • Do I have to pay for the sessions?

We have free sessions and paid sessions. For lectures and trunkshow, you can also choose to donate any amount greater than INR 20 as per your wish. INR 20 is the minimum transaction amount specified by Payment Gateways in India.

  • Are the fees for paid Learning Session refundable?

No . These fees are non- refundable.

  • What if I miss the session due to connectivity problems or technical glitches?

A recording of Bernina Masterclass and Workshops will be made available till 28 Feb, 2021. Please do not share this access with others.

  • What happens after registration?

After registration you will get mails

  1. An automated mail confirming your ticket( from our event partner, Townscript).

  2. A mail with details of preparatory steps for your session ( Bernina Masterclass and Workshops).

  3. A mail with event URL. You can click on the link and logon with your registered email id 10 mins before the session time. (Remember, only the registered email id will work). This is how the event page will look.

  4. You will be able to logon to this link only on the day of the session. Note: The time mentioned on this page will be your local time.

  5. For optimal experience, we recommend you login to the session from a desktop or laptop and use Google Chrome browser.

  6. Depending on when you register, you may get mails 2 & 3 together as a single mail.

  7. In case you miss out a Bernina Masterclass or Workshop session, don’t worry. We will be sharing a session link which will be accessible till 28 Feb 2021. Kindly do not share this link with others.

  • What will the event URL look like?


  • I registered for a workshop but haven't received the material list.

If you registered for a Bernina Masterclass or a Workshop, you will receive the preparatory steps and materials as a mail from Team IIQF. Do remember to check your " Promotions" tab and Junk/ Spam folder. If you still can't find, please contact us at and let us know.


  • Is the Competition section on?

YES!! The Quilt Show categories remain the same. We encourage you to participate in the show with great enthusiasm.

  • If the competition is on, what changes?

The format of exhibiting the quilts will change. We would be bringing you updates and guidelines from time to time.

There will be sufficient time for you to respond to these changes.


  • Why are you taking the event online?

Our primary concern is the health of the participants- competition participants, faculty, visitors, sponsors, sellers and volunteers. In the current situation, it is too unsafe for all of us to congregate in person. We will make every effort to make this a fun-filled, special and memorable event.


  • Quilt Show Competition

  • How can I participate in the Quilt show?

The categories for the quilt show have been announced. You can check the categories and size specifications here.

 Registration is extended by a day and will now close on 16 Dec, 2020.  Check out the important dates here.

Check out the guidelines and rules for registration.

Information on Awards will be published on the website.

  • Can I enter a quilt made from a pattern?

Yes, you can use a free or purchased pattern. Remember to mention it in the write up that accompanies your quilt entry.  If the quilt was inspired by a photo or an art work, please provide due attribution.​


  • How many quilts can I submit?

You can submit up to 2 quilts for each category for competition, i.e. maximum of 12 quilts per participant and an additional 2 quilts if you are less than 18 years of age.

  • Can more than one person collaborate to make a quilt?

​Yes, you can make a joint entry. Any number of people can collaborate to make a quilt. The entry form must contain the names of all collaborators and mention their contribution. It will be considered as one entry. How the prize is shared between the collaborators is up to them.


  • Does my quilt qualify if it is professionally longarmed?

​Yes it qualifies, you need to specify in the quilt registration form.


  • Does the size have to be precise?

The Theme quilts have to adhere strictly to the specified sizes. For the remaining categories, as long as no side is smaller than 2 feet or bigger than 8 feet, all sizes in between are fine. Miniature quilts can be maximum 18 inches on any side.


  • Can I add buttons or embellishments to my quilt?

Yes, embellishments can be added.

  • Can I make a series of 2 (or more) quilts which hang like panels and together make 1 entry? If so, how does it fit into the size requirement?

Yes, your entry can be a panel of 2 (or more) pieces – when hanged, the combination should comply with the size requirements.

  • When should I register and what is the procedure to enter my quilt?

Registration opened on 1st September 2020. You can check the registration details here. You can also login directly at our partner site and follow the steps below:


  1. Register at  with your name and email id. Create an account.

  2. Click on Update your user profile.

  3. Pay as per the number of quilts you are registering.

  4. Fill in the information of your Quilt.  Click Submit Entry Details.

  5. Upload images.

  6. Click Complete and view entry.

  7. Voila! Your quilt is registered! Now share the news and inspire fellow quilters too.


Need more help? Check out the registration process here.

Note: Quilt Show Competition - Registrations close on 16 Dec, 2020 11:50 pm IST.

  • Should I be there in person or can I just send my quilt for the show?

 IIQF 2021 is an online event. You can send us your quilts for judging once we intimate you. The same will be sent back to you after the show.

  • Is there an entry fee and why is that charged?

Yes, there will be a nominal entry fee to cover the costs of hosting online and entry in the festival catalogue, Insurance and handling charges where applicable.

  • My card payment is not going through. What should I do?

Your payments can fail if your bank doesn’t authorize the transaction. If you hold a card issued by an Indian Bank,  for payments at , it needs to be enabled for International transactions. As per RBI guidelines, the default mode for most cards is restricted to Domestic transactions only.

If your online payment has failed in, please check with your bank and enable your card for International transactions. If it doesn't work, you can also choose the following process.

1.       Login using your credentials at

2.       Raise a ticket by clicking on Support Ticket -> Add New Support Ticket.

3.       Use subject line “Failure of online Payment”.

4.       Describe your problem and we will assist you with alternative mode of payment.

5.       Click Submit Ticket.

Else, you can send a mail to  and follow steps 3 &4. Make sure to use the subject line Failure of online Payment .

Please make sure your complaint ticket or mail comes to us latest by 14 Dec 2020, 11:50 pm India Time so that we can assist you. All Quilt Show Competition registrations close on 16 Dec, 2020.

  • I raised a ticket at I didn’t get a response.

If you have raised a ticket in, you will get a mail when the ticket is updated with the required information.

This email will come to your registered email id from NOT from IIQF.

Click on “ View status” and login to Click on “Support tickets” -> “View” to see our response.


Note: If you raised a ticket at, the response will be found there not in your mailbox!


  • I clicked on “view status” in the mail from and logged in to view my ticket. I can’t view the response.

You have probably logged in from your mobile. Please login from a laptop or desktop. The mobile page has limited functionalities.

  • I plan to enter 3 quilts. Should I pay separately 3 times?

No. You can make a single payment of INR 1500. You will get 3 credits which will allow you to register 3 quilts anytime till 16 Dec 2020, 11:50 PM IST.

  • The module shows, I have only 24 mins to enter details.

The session will logout in 24 mins. You can always login back again and update, edit your details. You can do this till 16 Dec, 2020 11:50 PM IST.

  • What other sections will be there in the festival in addition to the quilt show?

We plan to bring the same amount of excitement and more for you. We would be updating the website regarding all these and more.

  • Is this a permanent change?

No. We plan to return for the next edition (2023) as an in-person event in Chennai, India.

We are in the process of finalising the IIQF 2021 online event and would be bringing you the latest updates from time to time. We sure miss the original format of the show but hope to work towards meeting these uncertain and challenging times by bringing you a superlative experience with your support and participation!