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Artisans' Corner IQF 2019

India Quilt Festival brings you Artisans from across India and the Tentmakers of Cairo for a unique experience of watching live demo and shopping beautiful handmade products.

Sri Sankara Hall

267, T.T.K.Road, Alwarpet,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018

Tentmakers of Cairo

Visit the Artisan's corner of the Tentmakers of Cairo and shop for Handmade appliquéd textiles called Khayamiya which was historically used to decorate tents across the Middle East.

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Toda Embroidery- Shalom

Shalom works with Toda tribal artisans who are based out of the high altitudes of The Nilgiris District in Tamil Nadu, India. Toda artisans produce extremely exquisite pieces of textile craft that is a representation of Toda culture.

More about Shalom.

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Lacemakers of Narsapur

The Cluster, comprising around 1 lakh women artisans is based out of Narsapur,  in the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Aritisan from " The Cluster" will be doing a live demo of crochet lace knitting. You can also shop for some of these products including doilies and other home furnishing products.

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Needleman of Patiala- Arun Bajaj

Arun Bajaj, the son of a tailor is from Patiala and started working in his father’s business at the age of 12.  In 1998 he began designing unique threadwork on Sherwanis and Achkans.  Arun still uses an old simple sewing machine to churn out brilliant pieces of embroidered art. Visit India Quilt Festival 2019 and watch the Needleman of Patiala, Arun Bajaj at work.

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Kowdhi Quilting- Buda Folklore

BuDa Folklore is an organisation dedicated to folklore research and folk culture, based in Honnavar, Uttara Kannada region in India. Shop for handmade Kowdhi Products and see some of the artisans at work.

More about BuDa.

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Porgai("Pride" in Lambadi dialect) is a registered society of Lambadi women artisans. Lambadis are nomadic tribes from North Western India who ended up settling in Central and Southern India. Porgai works towards reviving and popularising the rich tradition of hand embroidery which traditionally was part of a Lambadi attire and everyday articles.

More about Porgai.

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