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Quilt Show Competition- Guidelines and Entry Rules

Presented by Quilt India Foundation, Organisers of India International Quilt Festival

Definition of Quilt

  • A quilt should have three layers (backing, batting, and top) joined together with stitching or tying

  • Have a finished binding or facing on the edge of the quilt.

  • The quilt must have been completed in the 2 years leading up to the festival.


Categories for the Quilt show are:

You can enter up to two quilts per category i.e. An individual can enter a maximum of 12 quilts and additional 2 in Gen Nxt category (participant age less than 18 years as on 1 Jan 2023).

General Rules

  1. Entry is open to all from any country.

  2. The decisions of the show organizers, jury and judges are final.

  3. All taxes on the awards are the sole responsibility of the winners.

  4. Employees of sponsors are not eligible to win an award or prize sponsored by their employer.

  5. QIF reserves the right to divide or combine categories, move entries to more appropriate categories, and to not award all ribbons.

  6. QIF reserves the right to accept or reject any quilt for display.

  7. QIF reserves the right to reject any quilts that are in poor condition when received and viewed. Examples include, but are not limited to, torn fabric, stained fabric, poor craftmanship or an unfinished quilt.  

  8. QIF reserves the right to reject any quilt it deems to be misrepresented in the photos, design credit, age of entrant during the entry process. If this misrepresentation is discovered after the show and the quilt was awarded, the winner forfeits all ribbons and cash prizes.

  9. Any quilt that is rejected by QIF will be returned to the entrant and will not be displayed in the exhibit, entered into IIQF 2023, judged or be eligible for ribbons or cash prizes.

  10. All the people who worked on the design or construction of the quilt, paid or not, must be credited including pattern making, printing, dyeing, cutting, piecing, quilting, etc. (excluding basting assistance) in the Quilt Registration Form.

  11. Entrants must acknowledge (under Other Collaborators) processes outsourced to third parties such as large-scale digital printing, laser cutting and fabric printing.

  12. Entrants must state (under Original Design) if their quilt is an original design or if it is based on a secondary source.

  13. Entrants must acknowledge (under Original Design) if their quilt has been made from a book, magazine, pattern, workshop or kit.

  14. Entrants must acknowledge (under Original Design) if their quilt features a ‘work of art’ or utilises an image or photograph created by someone other the maker.

  15. Shortlisted Quilts for the show must arrive with Sleeves (Click here for tutorial).

  16. Shortlisted Quilts must arrive with labels. Labels should be in Fabric. The required information can be added using Permanent Marker Pens, Embroidered ​or Printed on Fabric.

  17.  The label needs to be placed on the bottom left-hand corner, when the back of the quilt Is facing you. In the label, you are to include

Id Number: which you will receive when you register your quilt



          Dimension of the quilt: in inches (in cms)


      Please note: Do NOT put your name on the label


Important Dates

Registration will be online.

Call for entries is open from 1 Sep 2022 to 15 Dec 2022, 23:59 India Standard Time(IST).

In case you need any further information or clarification, please write to

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