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Hushnohana was started by three friends who embarked on a mission of reviving Nakshi Kantha. While keeping the motifs and designs authentic, Hushnohana focuses on making the art of Nakshi Kantha relevant and suitable in contemporary times.
Named after the beautiful night flowering jasmine (cestrum nocturnum) Hushnohana is a holistic representation of a specific lifestyle, gently steering into new territory in Art, and designed crafts etc. The organisation brings together communities of women who sit together in the afternoon to embroider and pour their hearts out into this simple, delightful ritual of making intricate Kanthas. The art teaches us about the fruit borne out of patience and is a flag bearer of slow and eco-friendly fashion in the fast-moving mechanized era.
Hushnohana projects help truly gifted artisans who have drifted to do something else for a living to return to practice what they are really connected to, and thereby create a holistic circular economy. Buyers are aware of what they are buying, whom they are buying from and how their purchases help in reviving a sustainable age-old, environment friendly art form. Hushnohana’s agenda is to create projects that bring together artisanal communities across different pockets of Bengal, empowering them to attain financial independence and protect themselves from economic and social exploitation.

IIQF 2021

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