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Denim project

Denim project

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Denim project

The Denim project of “A hundred hands” is a three pronged livelihood programme.
Enabling livelihoods - The primary aim of The Denim Project is to help disadvantaged communities earn a fair and sustainable livelihood. The project is designed to start with an “Learn while you Earn” Sewing programme enabling a regular production team with a steady income. It also has the potential to encourage them to become entrepreneurs and set up their own tailoring units, which is also supported by the programme.
Reducing impact on the environment through recycling - Every new pair of jeans we buy makes way for an old pair to be discarded earlier than its lifespan, thanks to fast fashion. It takes about 10000 liters of water to make a pair of jeans which ends up in trash eventually. With water getting scarce by the day, there is a need to be more conscientious while buying a new pair and the need to recycle more. Of all fashion garments, old jeans were chosen to be recycled to make maximum impact.
Revival of Dying Crafts, which are used for embellishing the finished product - The product range developed by The Denim project integrates many a dying traditional craft of India into the final product- be it tribal hand embroidery or traditional relief block printing or reviving the traditional patchwork ( Kowdi) of Karnataka, The project uses the Artist Membership base of A Hundred Hands to tap into the clusters skilled in crafts that may not have the opportunity to evolve for the contemporary world.

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