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BuDa Folklore

BuDa Folklore

BuDa Folklore,Angadibail, Taluk

Achave, Karnataka 581344, India



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BuDa Folklore

BuDa Folklore is an Indian organisation that is dedicated to conserve, educate and promote the folklore and natural environment of the Uttar Kannada region in Karnataka. It is the outcome of three decades of intense fieldwork and research on folk culture.
Started with an aim to understand and record native knowledge, oral tradition and folk culture in and around the district; the organisation has emerged as a focal point for study and research of folk heritage with a vast database on various tribes and indigenous communities of the region.
Kowdi is a traditional art of quilting in Karnataka. BuDa Folklore is working with quilt artisans from rural town in the Uttara Kannada region. This traditional method of quilting makes use of waste old cloth pieces and cotton scrap cloths collected from tailors, friends and relatives.
The artisans also tell a story about the historical and cultural context of their creation through different motifs and rituals. We a Buda Folklore documented the quilting tradition of Uttar Kannada as a part of our research and documentation. To gift a quilt, sewn with old clothes of the family, for the daughter who gets married, often carries fond memories of the maternal home.

BuDa Folklore

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