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Pictorial Art Quilts- 1st Prize

Colorful yarn


Chitra Mandanna, India

If you want to know what a pure heart is, you've to meet 'Poopaati Anjalé. 'Poopaati' means 'Flower Grandma' in TN, India.
Anjalé sells flowers on the pavement in my neighborhood. Once, while my 1 & 1/2 years old daughter & I were on a walk, my little ones eyes fell on the flowers that Anjalé was selling & called out to her as 'Poopaati'. She smiled & gestured us towards her. My little one eagerly took all the flowers she liked.
Once she was satisfied with her pick, I took my purse out to pay. This is when Anjalé surprised me with her generosity & love. She didn't charge me a penny & instead said It is for the child. She can take as many flowers as she wants. It is her generous heart & beautiful smile I have attempted to capture in my quilt.

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