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Re-routing Roots

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Indian Quilt - 1st Prize

Colorful yarn

Re-routing Roots

Rainy Khurana Sarna, India

In times of ever changing thoughts about culture & traditions,this is an interpretation of past with tree motifs from folklores & mythology.Just like trees,we are also ever evolving in newer environs- adapting,pruning & nurturing.Our multifaceted development is affirmed in our cultural roots & equally shaped by technology, innovations & ideas.This 'look backward-move forward' attempt acknowledges a synergy between intergenerational tacit knowledge & indigenous skills. Within this cusp of "old and new" lies the interpretation of "Design" ~ an excellent mash up of undeniable culture & a crystal ball to futuristic expression.Where one can harness opportunities for rerouting an augmented, sustainable co-operation in future design alternatives.

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