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Quilting Genres of India - Then and now


Patrick Finn

Saturday, 23 Jan 2021

7:30 PM


All Levels




About the Class

Each quilt is as individual as the quilter; however, they share similarities that allow them to be categorized. In this lecture Patrick reviews many of the quilt varieties created in India.




About the Tutor

Patrick J. Finn has studied Indian art, culture, and textiles and written professionally since 1993. He consults with museums and private textile collectors. The diversity of fabrics utilized in quiltmaking required Finn to become familiar with traditional Indian textiles. He was awarded 2nd place, Reference Books for Quilts of India: Timeless Textiles (Niyogi 2014) at the New Delhi World Book Fair, 2015. The Quilts of India was nominated for the prestigious R. L. Shep Award given by the Textile Society of America. His other publications include: Quilt Field Guide, India Up Close, and the forthcoming Quilt Story: The Cultural Heritage.

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