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The Tale of Nakshi Kantha


Mahua Lahiri

Monday, 25 Jan 2021

5:30 PM


All Levels


Nakshi Kantha hand quilting –whole cloth quilting technique from West Bengal
Nakshi Kantha hand quilting –whole cloth quilting technique from West Bengal



About the Class

Take a short journey with Mahua Lahiri to learn basics of Nakshi Kantha using a motif.  Use needle, thread and fabric, learn the traditional names for those hand sewn motifs and travel to ancient times. This workshop provides you the basic framework for Nakshi Kantha and equips you to explore the artform further.




  1. Motif drawn on 12”x12” cotton muslin fabric

  2. Two layers of cotton mul - 12”x12”

  3. Darners sewing needles 

  4. Embroidery thread, scissors

  5. Embroidery frame

  6. Pencil and eraser to draw the motifs

About the Tutor
Nakshi Kantha hand quilting –whole cloth quilting technique from West Bengal

Born in a family of Artisans, Mahua would assist her mother from a very young age and fell in love with Nakshi Kantha, a utility-based embroidery art form that dates back to almost 8th century India. Women would finely quilt layers of pre-worn cotton saris, recycling, upcycling and repurposing them into warm wraps. As she watched her struggling artisan mother trying to revive and keep this ancient art form relevant, she pursued a degree in National Institute of Fashion Technology and embarked on applying this art form to contemporary aesthetics while staying true to its origins. She calls herself a Kantha Revivalist and presents talks and lec-dems in international forums. She is one of the founders of a women’s collective “Hushnohana” and the George Washington University museum recently showcased their Nakshi Kantha work.

Instagram :  @hushnohana

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